How can you serve

We have updated this stewardship directory as of August 2016. Have you received your copy? If not, please pick one up after Mass this weekend. Take one to a friend!

In February 2015, we published a Parish Stewardship Directory. Below is a list of those ministries. Please consider getting involved in one or more of these activities at Immaculate Conception, St. Denis and Holy Family. Please contact the office at 937-526-4945 or by e-mail at

Liturgy and prayer

  1. Liturgy of the Hours
  2. Cantors, musicians, choir
  3. Funeral Choir
  4. Sacristans
  5. Lectors
  6. Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (grades 8 and up)
  7. Gift Bearers
  8. Ushers
  9. Servers (grade 6 and up)
  10. Lay presiders
  11. Church decorating
  12. Rosary Leaders
  13. Way of the Cross
  14. 31 Club
  15. Prayer Chain
  16. Prayer Group


  1. Baptismal preparation for parents of infants/children
  2. Marriage preparation
  3. Confirmation preparation
  4. First Eucharist Preparation for parents and their children
  5. Penance Preparation for parents and their children
  6. RCIA team members
  7. Communion to homes and health care centers

Preparation for funeral Mass

  1. Lunch committee
  2. Bereavement committee
  3. Funeral Mass Preparation

 Children’s Religious Education -- grades 1-12

  1. Always a need for teachers of religion
  2. Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 (grades 1-6)and 7:30-8:30 at St Denis (grades 7-12) for St. Denis and Immaculate Conception students
  3. Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 at Holy Family (grades 1-12)
  4. Always a need for aides
  5. Field trip chaperons

 Youth Ministry

  1.  Adult leaders
  2. Youth leaders
  3. Youth trips (e.g., Steubenville Youth Conference, Kentucky work camp, retreats, World Youth Day, Cast Your Nets, Youth Leader Training, Andrew Dinners)
  4. Service Projects

Activities for adults

  1. Bible Study
  2. Breakfast Club
  3. Community Supper at Trinity Lutheran Church every Wednesday
  4. Bradford Area Association of Churches
  5. Knights of Columbus
  6. St Ann Sodality
  7. Blood Pressure checks
  8. Emergency meals
  9. Health, Wellness, Grieving, Home Visits
  10. Clothing Drives
  11. St. Vincent de Paul
  12. Giving Tree
  13. Elizabeth Blessings
  14. Twinning with Puerto Escondido